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Our take on the 2021 ballot issues

We know ballot initiatives can sometimes be confusing or misleading. This is why Voces Unidas spends the time and energy to research them before determining our position.

Voces Unidas Action Fund is excited to be a collaborator on the 2021 Racial Justice Ballot Guide. Take a look at our recommendations for the three statewide ballot measures.

Here is our take on statewide issues: VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 78: LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY FOR SPENDING STATE MONEY Requires money received by the state for a particular purpose (like emergency relief funds) to be allocated by the state legislature after a public hearing. This will reduce the government’s response time during a crisis and will jeopardize CO’s competitiveness for grants. VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 119: PRIVATE LEARNING ENRICHMENT REIMBURSEMENTS Significantly increases the marijuana sales tax and diverts money from public schools to fund reimbursements to families for private out-of-school learning opportunities like tutoring, art & music lessons, and mental health services. These are good services, but public funds should be used to fund public schools that have been gutted of these services. Also, sales taxes hurt low income people the

VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 120: PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT RATE REDUCTION Slightly reduces property tax rates on only multifamily housing and lodging properties. This will reduce local government tax revenue by over $50 million annually, limiting critical services like water, transportation, and emergency/fire services. Here is our take on local issues: VOTE YES ON 5B: ROARING FORK SCHOOLS' MILL LEVY OVERRIDE 5B promises a salary increase for teachers and staff to help with the district’s staffing crisis—the loss of teachers and staff, and the inability to recruit new talent. If successful, we’ll hold the district accountable for using these additional resources to recruit more teachers and administrators of color who reflect the demographics of the students they serve.


It is a common misconception that important elections only take place every two to four years. But we have local elections every year where we get to decide our leaders for city council or school board or what taxes to approve. Since turnout is lower in off-year elections, your vote can actually make even more of a difference and have a huge impact on the Latino community and our way of life. So please vote! If you’re not registered to vote or need to update your registration, you can do so on the Secretary of State’s website until Monday, October 25th and still get a ballot in the mail. You can also visit a Voter Service and Polling Center in your county at any time to update your registration, even on Election Day. Don’t forget to return your ballot by 7:00 p.m. on November 2!

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