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2023 Legislative Scorecard released

Voces Unidas Action Fund released its 2023 Legislative Scorecard, tracking the votes of 5 local state lawmakers representing Garfield, Eagle, Pitkin, Lake and Summit counties against our legislative priorities during the 2023 legislative session.



Three local lawmakers received top marks 

Representatives Elizabeth Velasco and Meghan Lukens both earned an A+ for voting with us 100% of the time on the possible 21 votes we tracked for them in the House this session.

Our third top-grade earner is Speaker Julie McCluskie, who also received a solid A for voting with us 20 times out of the possible 21 votes we tracked for her in the House this session. Speaker McCluskie also gets special kudos for her leadership and support as our priorities moved successfully through the House.

Scorecard23 - Velasco.png
Scorecard23 - Lukens.png
Scorecard23 - McCluskie.png

Rep. Velasco earns "Local Legislative Champion" designation in 2023

Congratulations to Rep. Velasco for earning the 2023 Local Legislative Champion designation for voting with us 100% of the time and partnering with Voces Unidas on 3 priority bills – Mobile Home Park Water Quality (HB23-1257), Inclusive Language In Emergency Situations (HB23-1237), and Repeal Prohibition Local Residential Rent Control (HB23-1115).


The Local Legislative Champion designation is reserved for a central-mountain lawmaker who is 100% aligned with our values and goes above and beyond to champion our legislative agenda in any given legislative session.


Rep. Boesenecker earns new "Community Ally" designation in 2023

Congratulations to Representative Andrew Boesenecker for earning our brand new Community Ally designation in 2023. While he doesn't represent the central-mountain communities, Rep. Boesenecker distinguished himself this year by voting with us 100% of the time and partnering with Voces Unidas on one of our priority bills -- Mobile Home Park Water Quality (HB23-1257).


The Community Ally designation is reserved for a lawmaker outside of the central-mountain region who is 100% aligned with our values and goes above and beyond to champion our legislative agenda in any given legislative session.

2023 Scorecard

At Voces Unidas, we like transparency. This is why we track and publish every vote by lawmakers against our legislative priorities. We score every one of our priority bills and then rate each lawmaker based on their actual votes. We invite you look at our scorecard and take a look at how each lawmaker voted.

Bill Tracker
Bill Tracker

Voces Unidas actively lobbies for or against proposed legislation. Below are the bills that we are supporting, opposing or monitoring in 2023 in Colorado. Click on the bill number to get a status report. Scroll down to see all bills. Tracker is updated daily during session. Click here for our federal Bill Tracker.

Past legislative sessions: 2022, 2021

Town Hall with Central Mountain Lawmakers

March 1, 2023

Legislative Priorites
2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 legislative session started on Jan. 9, 2023. Voces Unidas hires contract lobbyists to make sure that our legislative priorities are top of mind for lawmakers.  

Voces Unidas has adopted the 2022 Colorado Latino Policy Agenda's policy recommendations to inform our legislative agenda in 2023. We may support bills that address the following policy preferences. These issues received support from at least two-thirds of Latinos in our 2022 and 2021 historic statewide polls. See Bill Tracker for bills we are monitoring, supporting or opposing. 


  1. Limit the amount landlords can raise rent on mobile homes to address high cost of housing in Colorado (88%)

  2. Promote policies to make housing more affordable and to increase wages (76%)

  3. Regulate how much lot rent at mobile home parks can increase each year (76%)

  4. Help more families buy homes near quality schools, places of employment, and public transportation by:

    • Building up, not out, with multi-story units (71%)

    • Allowing multiple units to be built on a single-family lot (70%)

  5. Change state law to allow local counties to make their own policies about rent control to manage the housing crisis (66%)


  1. Change Taxpayer Bill of Rights to ensure community programs – like K-12 education and access to healthcare – get more funding (80%)

  2. Improve K-12 education and paying school employees better salaries (72%)

  3. Improve training and regulations for law enforcement officers (67%)

  4. Expand access to child care services for low- income families (67%)

  5. Expand access to reproductive health resources (67%)


  1. Expand access to basic health care services for those who cannot afford insurance, regardless of immigration status (78%)

  2. Ensure that reproductive healthcare including abortion is accessible to all (69%)

  3. Permanently allow access to safe and legal abortions in Colorado (68%)


  1. Mandate universal background checks for all firearm sales (85%)

  2. Increase legal age from 18 to 21 to purchase assault rifles (75%)

  3. Implement a 10-day waiting period to purchase a firearm (75%)

  4. Ban the sale and purchase of assault rifles (66%)


  1. Pass new regulations requiring that mobile home parks provide their residents with clean drinking water (80%)

  2. Take additional steps to act on climate change, including clean air/water and transitioning to a clean-energy economy (70%)

  3. Expand rebates encouraging people to purchase electric vehicles and solar energy (69%)

Follow our Bill Tracker for up-to-date information about our positions on bills.

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