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Voces Unidas Action Fund engages Latino voters to increase voter turnout. We also endorse and support candidates for public office who are aligned to our mission and who will champion our issues. Learn more about the process and who we end up endorsing here.


Help our endorsed candidates win by volunteering in their campaigns. Contact us to learn how.


Participate in leadership opportunities like serving on the endorsement committee for your area. Contact us to learn more.

Use our ballot guide if you want to know which candidates we endorsed and our position on local and state ballot questions.

Meet all of our endorsed candidates who won their elections.

2022 General Election Results

Voces Unidas Action Fund’s endorsed champions delivered big on Election Day in Colorado, with 10 of the 12 candidates backed by the organization winning their respective races. We also won big on local and statewide ballot issues.   

Read our blog post on the general election results

2022 Ballot Guides and List of Endorsements

Take a look at our endorsements and our positions on issues.

Process for Endorsements

We support candidates who are aligned with our values and positions on policy issues. We focus on candidates who would represent the mountain region. We also take positions on local and statewide ballot questions.

All the deadlines for endorsements for 2022 have expired. We opened the process in Feb and closed it in August. Candidates had 7 months to submit their questionnaires. 


Endorsement Process
(Local, State and Federal)

Our endorsement process is now open for the 2022 election cycle.

We will consider endorsements for candidates and issues in the following elections:

  • Municipal races including for town/city council and mayor for the April elections

  • Any other special elections 

  • Primary election for HD57 and others

  • General election for HD26, HD13, SD8, all statewide races, all county-wide races, CD3. (We have already endorsed in the U.S. Senate race.)

Click on the endorsement questionnaire button to begin the process. 

For process questions, contact Alex Sánchez at and Alex Galeana at

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