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Our 2022 ballot guides

Colorado voters this fall will need to vote for candidates for federal, state and local office; 11 statewide ballot issues; and many more ballot measures addressing issues at the county, municipal and special-district levels.

Because we know it is hard to know everything there is to know about candidates and ballot initiatives, Voces Unidas Action Fund spends considerable time and energy interviewing candidates and researching ballot measures before determining our position.

We reviewed all local, county and statewide ballot questions that impact residents of Summit, Lake, Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield counties and took positions on those where we have a policy interest (as a reminder, we do not support oppressive tax initiatives that disproportionately impact working families).

Here is our take on this year's statewide and local issues:


  • VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION FF - HEALTHY SCHOOL MEALS FOR ALL Ensures access to free, nutritious school meals for all students in public schools by limiting state income-tax deductions for the top 5% of Colorado income earners – people who make $300,000 per year or more.

  • VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION GG - TAX TRANSPARENCY TABLE Changes how measures about taxes show up on our ballots by requiring a simple table showing how much Coloradans will pay based on their income.

  • VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 121 - A TAX CUT BENEFITING WEALTHY & CORPORATIONS If passed, it would reduce approximately $400 million from the state budget that could otherwise be used to support programs and services which benefit all of us like schools, parks, roads, and community centers.

  • VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 123 - FUNDING FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAMS Reduces about $80 from the average TABOR refund to set aside funds for new affordable housing programs like down payment and rental assistance.


  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 1A - LODGING TAX TO SUPPORT WORKFORCE HOUSING (Eagle County) Lodging tax on all accommodations rented for less than 30 days to support workforce housing.

  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 1A - LODGING TAX TO SUPPORT HOUSING, CHILDCARE (Summit County) Lodging tax on short-term rentals to pay for affordable housing, childcare and other authorized purposes.


  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2A - SHORT-TERM RENTAL TAX FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING (Aspen) Funds affordable housing through a short-term rental tax.

  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2A - SHORT-TERM RENTAL TAX FOR ATTAINABLE HOUSING (Carbondale) Tax on short-term accommodations to fund affordable housing.

  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2C - ACCOMMODATIONS TAX FOR WORKFORCE HOUSING (Glenwood Springs) Accommodations tax for workforce housing.

  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2B - CHANGE TOWN ELECTIONS TO NOVEMBER (Silt) Changes town elections to November, when most people vote.

  • VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2C - USE OF SHORT-TERM RENTAL TAX FOR HOUSING (Snowmass Village) Expands use of existing short-term rental tax to include workforce housing.

Visit for more information about where to vote and for links to important voter resources.

As for candidates, there are 12 running for statewide and local offices who’ve earned our support.

In statewide and congressional races, we are endorsing Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate, Brittany Pettersen for the 7th Congressional District, Jared Polis for Governor, Phil Weiser for Attorney General, and Jena Griswold for Secretary of State.

In state legislative races, we are endorsing Dylan Roberts for Senate District 8, Elizabeth Velasco for House District 57, Meghan Lukens for House District 26, and Julie McCluskie for House District 13.

At the local level, we are endorsing Ryan Gordon for Garfield County Commissioner, Aron Diaz for Garfield County Treasurer and Kelly McNicholas Kury for Pitkin County Commissioner.

Voces Unidas Action Fund proudly endorses candidates who align with our values and policy goals.

As a local, community-created 501(c)(4) advocacy nonprofit organization, we invest our time, energy and resources to support our endorsed candidates. We volunteer, knock on doors, make phone calls, and raise money from local community members. We do this because we believe that when our neighbors and communities come together to support leaders who share our values, we can affect the change we need.

Don’t forget to return your ballot by 7:00 p.m. on November 8!

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