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Council vacancy gives Glenwood Springs a chance to walk the talk

Elected officials and political leaders in Glenwood Springs regularly highlight it as the most progressive community in Garfield County.

In the next few days, we have an opportunity to demonstrate it.

Following the resignation last month of Ward 1 City Council Member Steve Davis, the city can change the makeup of the council to be more reflective of the diversity of our community. We cannot ignore the fact that our council has never had Latino representation.

According to Census data, nearly a third (27.2%) identify as Hispanic or Latino -- and we imagine that figure is actually low given the pressure undocumented residents felt not to participate in the 2020 Census.

Certainly, elected officials are capable of learning about and understanding the issues facing people from other demographic and socio-economic groups -- but there are extreme advantages to being of the community you are trying to represent.

The Ward 1 vacancy on the Glenwood Council provides a near-term opportunity for council to demonstrate their progressive bona fides by selecting a candidate that comes from an underrepresented group.

If you or someone else you know who lives in Ward 1 might fit that bill, the clock is ticking on filing your application for consideration (Ward 1 is essentially the area southwest of the Colorado River and Hwy 82 [you can view a detailed map of the Wards here])

Applications are being accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday. You can apply online or by downloading and returning an application. Applicants will be interviewed the week of Feb. 17 and council hopes to appoint a new Ward 1 Council Member -- whose term will run through April of next year -- by Feb. 23.

To date, three men have submitted applications. We hope we end up with a more diverse set of applicants -- and therefore take advantage of this opportunity to have a more diverse council.

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