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Voces Unidas Action Fund is a 501(C)(4) nonprofit organization that lobbies for social justice-centered policies and holds elected officials accountable. We also endorse and support candidates for political office who are aligned to our values.

Our mission is to build and grow Latina and Latino political power in the central mountain region. Members help us accomplish our mission. 

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About becoming a member

How does one become a member?

To become a member of Voces Unidas Action Fund, leaders must donate at least $10 a year or participate in actions in any of our policy/political campaigns, and confirm alignment to our values as an organization.

While we only ask for $10, the first $50 of every member’s donation annually go to support local and state candidates through our small donor committee. This is another way to increase our influence and support of candidates who are aligned to our values.

What does one get by becoming a member?

Members get access to exclusive briefings, events and regular communication.

Members can also be invited to participate in member-only activities, like the endorsement process to select the candidates that we endorse for local, state and federal office.

What does Voces Unidas Action Fund do?

Voces Unidas Action Fund is a 501(C)(4) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to build and grow Latina and Latino political power in the central mountain region. We do this by training the next generation of progressive Latino candidates, endorsing progressive candidates for public office who are aligned to our values, and holding elected officials accountable once they are in office.

How are the member fees or donations used?

As a nonprofit, Voces Unidas Action Fund relies on donations and member fees to further our mission of building and growing Latina and Latino political power in the central mountain region. A governing board is responsible for the oversight of the organization. 

Specifically, member fees and donations support our endorsed candidates through the small donor committee. Small donor committees can make direct contributions to candidates for public office. The first $50 of every member goes to the small donor committee affiliated with Voces Unidas Action Fund. Fees and donations above the $50 per year per member are used as general operating funds, overseen by a governing board. 

Besides member fees, the organization also seeks larger donations from individuals and other organizations to carry out the larger mission of the Action Fund. 

Can anyone donate to the Action Fund?

Federal and state law limit who can donate to political causes. 

While any natural person and corporations can donate to the Action Fund, only U.S. Citizens can make political contributions to a small donor committee, for example. Therefore, only U.S. Citizens who become members will contribute to the small donor committee as part of their fees to the Action Fund.  

Any resident who is aligned to our values can volunteer with Voces Unidas Action Fund but cannot contribute financially to any of our political committees unless they are a U.S. Citizen. We also allow leaders who take action in any of our campaigns to become formal members of the Action Fund without any financial contribution. Talk to your Voces Unidas organizer for more information. 

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